What Is The Means Of Cheap?

What makes something a chip?

If a small flake of your purple nail polish breaks off, you might describe it as a chip, or a tiny piece.

You can use the word chip as a noun or a verb, to describe the breaking off of a small piece or the small piece itself.


What is the opposite of cheap?

inexpensive: expensive, worthy, valuable, superior, priceless, upper, noble, costly, precious, sophisticated, unreasonable, excellent, dear.

What is the sentence of cheap?

Examples of cheap in a Sentence He wears a cheap watch that’s always breaking. This gas station is cheaper than the one by the highway. Don’t be cheap—buy good quality tires for your car.

What is opposite of tight?

firmly or closely. “held fast to the rope”; “her foot was stuck fast”; “held tight” Antonyms: insecure, unequal, loose, baggy, abundant, seeping, drippy, lax, harsh, coarse, undemanding, holey, draughty, porous, leaky, loose-fitting, sober, flyaway, vulnerable, oozy, drafty, oozing, opened, easy, open, generous, sloppy.

What is the meaning of skinny?

1 : resembling skin : membranous. 2a : lacking sufficient flesh : very thin : emaciated. b : lacking usual or desirable bulk, quantity, qualities, or significance. 3 of clothes : fitting very close to the body : very tight skinny jeans.

How do you use stylish in a sentence?

Stylish sentence examplesBut then, he didn’t say her taste was stylish – he said it had style. … Never in her wildest dreams would she have considered her taste stylish or elegant. … Hazel eyes held a hint of humor all the time, and his auburn hair had a stylish cut.More items…

What is a chip used for?

Computer chip, also called chip, integrated circuit or small wafer of semiconductor material embedded with integrated circuitry. Chips comprise the processing and memory units of the modern digital computer (see microprocessor; RAM).

What means chip?

1a : a small usually thin and flat piece (as of wood or stone) cut, struck, or flaked off. b : a small piece of food: such as. (1) : a small, thin, crisp, usually salty piece of food typically prepared by frying, baking, or drying banana chips especially : potato chip — see also corn chip.

What is opposite of sad?

Opposite for sad: “cheerful, glad, happy, joyful”

What is a cheap person?

A “cheap person” is usually a person who doesn’t like to spend money, especially someone who doesn’t spend money in situations when he can and should. A slang term for such a person is “cheapskate”. … This is a very fine example of a cheap person.

How do you use chip in a sentence?

Chip sentence examples”Chocolate chip,” Jonny said in the same tone. … It has a chip in the handle. … Shipton leaned to his right and began to chip away at a large outcrop of ice directly above Dean, laughing as a loosened piece tumbled downward, striking Dean’s exposed head, nearly knocking him senseless.More items…