What Do You Love About Hospitality?

What are examples of hospitality?

Hospitality ExamplesMake sure your guests are comfortable.

Invite people in your home often.

Give gifts to show how you care.

Extend your help.

Let them know you enjoy their company.

Provide a personalized service.

Pay attention to the little details.

Identify and reward loyal customers.More items….

What is your passion?

For the sake of what we’re discussing here, passion is something you enjoy doing in your free time; a task or activity that brings you pleasure and that you find reward in doing. It can be hard to see how passion might apply to your job interview, but more and more employers are asking potential hires exactly that.

What are the advantages of hospitality industry?

If you love the idea of interacting with people on a daily basis, then a career in hospitality could be for you. As well as working with great people, you will get the chance to meet and help a diverse range of customers from a variety of cultures– there are not many jobs that can offer that.

What do you enjoy about the hospitality industry?

It’s creative As well as being a people-oriented industry, hospitality is creative. You are creating a product — be that food, drink, or an experience — and there’s always scope to dream up new ways of making it more enjoyable for your customers.

Why do you want to study hospitality management?

A hospitality management degree prepares you for a successful career with the potential to grow into a number of high-level positions. The sheer diversity of the hospitality industry means you’ll never be limited in your job search.

What will I learn in Hospitality Management?

Motivation, decision-making, organizational structures, processes and group dynamics are all essential parts of successful management. This course encourages students to look deeper into ethical leadership. Another important aspect of management is operational strategy.

Why did you choose tourism and hospitality?

Why did I choose Tourism Management: I’ve chosen this course because I believe it will open up great opportunities and will give me the ability to travel. It’s even more interesting in a way that tourism sector not only boosts economic growth but promotes a sustainable environment as well.

Why do you choose this course?

You can say, I always had an interest in this field or career- it is always better, to tell the truth. … You can say, I always believe in helping people and this career helps me to do that – we can use this only if it’s related to the job like teaching, etc.

Why is hospitality important in life?

Hospitality provides essential services (i.e., lodging and food) for travelers, whether they are on the move for reasons of necessity, leisure or luxury. Hospitality is a major factor in every vacation and business trip, and is thus important to individual customers and to businesses.

What is the meaning of hospitality management?

Hospitality management involves overseeing the administrative tasks of a hotel or resort. … “Lodging managers ensure that guests on vacation or business travel have a pleasant experience at a hotel, motel, or other types of establishment with accommodations,” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Why do you choose HRM answer?

Why did I choose HRM: Because I wanted to be an executive chef. About my college education: It wasn’t that difficult, I chose that course because I love cooking. it was enjoyable, because in cooking time I learn a lot of things. … Advice to people who are thinking of studying this course: You better love your course.

What does hospitality mean to you?

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines hospitality as, “generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests or hospitable treatment.” Dictionary.com goes further to define it as, “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.”

What is the scope of Hospitality Management?

What is hospitality management? The hospitality industry spans over a wide array of sectors ranging from hotels and restaurants to casinos and airlines. Hospitality programmes equip students with skills that are relevant in various hospitality establishments.

What makes you passionate about hospitality?

Working in the hospitality industry is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. Passion and genuine interest are crucial components for success. If you possess those qualities, you are half way there already. The hospitality industry is often linked with glamour, celebrities and red carpets.

Why did you choose BSHM as your course?

Why did I choose Hospitality Management: I chose this course because this course is one of the most in demand course and I know I can apply my skills to it. I know how to communicate with people. … I also learned how to communicate with the customers and lastly I learned how to budget and how to manage your own business.