Quick Answer: Who Is Darker DC Or Marvel?

Is Marvel or DC more diverse?

Are Marvel comics better at diversity than DC comics.

The easy answer is a resounding “Yes!” and it has been for some time.

Marvel has, in a storm of creativity, since the 60’s, offered up a far more diverse universe of characters than DC, yet this should not be surprising in the least..

Does DC stand for dark comics?

Obviously, “DC” stood for the “Detective Comics” in “Detective Comics, Inc,,” but with all the other words in the seal, the name had to be shortened.

Who is the darkest superhero?

Here is a ranked list of the ten darkest origin stories in Marvel.1 Magneto.2 Wolverine. … 3 Mr. … 4 Rocket Raccoon. … 5 U.S. Agent. … 6 Daredevil. … 7 Spider-Man. … 8 Skin. … More items…•

What is the darkest Marvel comic?

The 10 Darkest Timelines In Marvel Comics History1 EARTH-10011. A world where life finally defeated Death.2 EARTH-811. This is the universe home to the famous and often revisited story Days of Future Past. … 3 EARTH-807128. … 4 EARTH-2149. … 5 EARTH-11080. … 6 EARTH-2081. … 7 EARTH-12101. … 8 EARTH-1610. … More items…•