Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Purchased?

What is a synonym for bought?

Synonyms for bought.

mass-produced, off-the-peg..

What is the opposite of come?

What is the opposite of come?leavedepartabandondesertescapeforsakequitdisappear fromwithdraw frompart8 more rows

What does snap up mean?

to buy or take: to buy or take (something or someone) quickly or eagerly Shoppers came to the store to snap up bargains after the holidays. The company is hiring. When they see your work history, they’ll snap you up!

What does sinful mean?

1 : tainted with, marked by, or full of sin : wicked. 2 : such as to make one feel guilty a sinful chocolate cake. Other Words from sinful Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about sinful.

Is being innocent a good thing?

Being simple and innocent doesn’t mean you’re a fool or that you can’t help yourself in need or that you can’t proceed ahead from wherever you are. Just be confident and go prove yourself. Being simple is very good and it’ll be very helpful to oneself, but on the other hand being innocent is a complex matter.

What is the synonym and antonym of purchase?

Synonyms. impulse-buy buy choose pick out take subscribe to buy out take out subscribe buy up get pick up acquire buy food repurchase pay take over select buy back. Antonyms. sell obviate refuse dishonor disclaim. Etymology.

What’s the opposite of innocent?

Opposite of not guilty of a crime or offense. guilty. accountable. accusable.

What does bought mean?

Bought is the past tense and past participle of the verb to buy, which means “to obtain something by paying money for it.”

How do you say someone is innocent?

other words for innocenthonest.legitimate.pure.uninvolved.virtuous.good.stainless.virginal.

Whats the opposite of lazy?

What is the opposite of lazy?hard-workingdiligentindustriousconscientiousassiduoushardworkingambitiouscommitteddedicateddevoted30 more rows

What is the opposite of old?

Antonym of OldWordAntonymOldYoung, ModernGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the opposite of purchases?

Opposite of to buy or procure by payment. sell. retail. merchandise. peddle.

What is the opposite of sold?

What is the opposite of sold?boughtpurchasedacquiredattainedgotgottenobtainedprocuredcollectedfetched9 more rows

What is opposite of gently?

Opposite of gently, delicately or softly. heavily. firmly. forcefully. hard.

How do you spell bought?

Spelling of bought: bought is spelled b-o-u-g-h-t. Definition of bought: Bought is the past participle of the verb buy, which means to acquire possession or rights to an object(s) or service(s) by payment. The word functions as a verb. Pronunciation of bought: bought is pronounced as bawt.