Quick Answer: What Is Pogi In Ilocano?

What is Naimas?

English Word: Definition: tasty.

good-tasting; savory; delicious (adj.).

What is the meaning of Kabsat?

The word kabsat is used in Filipino, Ilocano meaning brother,sibling.

What is Mahal Kita in Ilocano?

I love you translate to ilocano.

How do you say sorry in Ilocano?

“Ilocano Translation – I’m sorry. – Pakawanen nak kadi.”.

What is iloveyou in Ilocano?

– Ay-ayaten ka unay.

What is Nataraki in Ilocano?

Definition: very unattractive or unpleasant to look at; offensive to the sense of beauty; displeasing in appearance; disagreeable; unpleasant; objectionable; morally revolting. Ilokano Synonyms: nalaad. Ilokano Antonyms: napintas, naguapo, nataraki.

What is the meaning of Ukininam?

ukininamEnglish Word:Definition:your mother’s private partDirect Translation – your mother’s private part. However, this Ilokano term is usually associated with the derogatory term – fuck you. (n.) Note: Click on the definition for more detailed information.

What is beautiful in Ilocano?

– Napintas ka!