Quick Answer: What Is Cursed Based On?

Why does Iris kill Nimue?

As the story plays out onscreen, a young nun named Sister Iris is desperate to become a Red Paladin and serve the order of God, only to be ridiculed and told that she would have to kill the Wolf-Blood Witch in order to achieve that goal… which she does, effectively shooting arrows at Nimue and seemingly causing her ….

Who does Nimue love in cursed?

Arthur13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford’s Nimue and Arthur became romantically involved in Cursed season 1, but with the introduction of the Weeping Monk as Lancelot, Nimue could have a different love interest in season 2.

Was Morgana good or evil?

Originally a kind-hearted individual, Morgana became evil after being corrupted by Morgause and being betrayed by her former-friend Merlin. … Soon after the Battle of Camlann, and Mordred’s death, Morgana was killed by her nemesis Merlin with Excalibur.

Is Cursed based on a true story?

Is Cursed Based on a true story? No, ‘Cursed’ is not based on a true story. It is based on a novel of the same name by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller. Both Wheeler and Miller had grown up listening to the Arthurian legends and seeing them transpire on screen, either as a TV show or a movie.

Is Nimue dead?

Nimue died Despite trying to rescue her people, Nimue couldn’t save herself and was killed by Iris (Emily Coates).

Who was Guinevere in cursed?

Bella DayneThe Red Spear/Guinevere There’s one character whose true Arthurian identity isn’t revealed in Cursed season 1, but is in the book upon which the show is based. Yes, this fearsome Viking warrior is actually Guinevere (Bella Dayne), the wife of King Arthur who is also known for her passionate affair with Lancelot.

Who killed King Arthur?

MordredThe Battle of Camlann (Welsh: Gwaith Camlan or Brwydr Camlan) is a legendary final battle of King Arthur during the early 6th century. In it, Arthur either died or was fatally wounded while fighting either with or against Mordred, who is also said to have died.

How did Merlin die?

As Merlin went to lift the rock a slew of monstrous rocks collapsed on top of Merlin, thus dooming Merlin to the grave. Vivien had now betrayed Merlin to his death and was now the most powerful wizard in all of the land. These events will come to have a dramatic impact on the great King Arthur.

Who does Nimue end up with?

Lady of the LakeLady of the Lake (Nimue / Viviane)SpousePelleasSignificant otherMerlin, sometimes othersChildrenBors, Lancelot, Lionel (all adopted)HomeHer lake, Brocéliande, Avalon7 more rows

Is cursed a prequel to King Arthur?

Netflix abrades us, in more ways than one, with Cursed. … This is the expensively made, atrociously written, chaotic, borderline-barmy tale – adapted from a 2019 book by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller – of Nimue (13 Reasons Why’s Katherine Langford).

Is Cursed based on Merlin?

Cursed on Netflix was inspired by the BBC’s Merlin – Radio Times.

Is Excalibur real?

The sword of St Galgano, said to have been plunged into a rock by a medieval Tuscan knight, has been authenticated, bolstering Italy’s version of the Excalibur legend. For centuries the sword was assumed to be a fake. …

Is Pym dead in cursed?

Pym had a crush on Dof and he brought her aboard his Germaninic ship, where she became the healer. … Pym tries to give the necklace back to him when he lays dying and begs Nimue to help her save him, but he is too far gone and dies.

Is Merlin a fey?

Originally, Merlin was born into the Fey, but his powers seem to far exceed those of the most of the other Fey that we meet. When we encounter Merlin in Cursed, he’s been without his magic for some time, and we later learn that he lost his powers when Lenore extracted the sword of power from his body.

Did Merlin have a daughter?

Nimue and Merlin have a very different relationship in the legend. When Nimue and Merlin meet in the fifth episode, she asks the wizard why her mother instructed her to bring him the sword. By the end, viewers learn that not only did he and her mother have a relationship, but Nimue is actually Merlin’s daughter.

What is the show cursed based on?

Cursed is an American fantasy drama web television series on Netflix, based on the illustrated YA book of the same name by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. Initially, Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler developed the basic story of Nimue without knowing what format it would take.

Who was Merlin’s lover?

NimueMerlin fell in love with Nimue. He was so in love with her that he was constantly at her side. Nimue accompanied Merlin on a journey so that she might learn his magic. Knowing that Merlin could take her unwillingly, she made him swear that he would use no magic to make her lay with him.

Is Merlin Nimue father in cursed?

With Arthur, Morgana and Pym, Nimue takes an audience with Merlin, revealing him to be her father.

What happened to Nimue in cursed?

The number one question on our brains after watching the end of Cursed would be the fate of Nimue. Katherine Langford’s sorceress character was shot with a number of arrows by Sister Iris while she was over a large body of water. After she plunges in, we see a series of shots of Nimue falling deeper into the water.

Who is the lady in black in cursed?

The WidowPortrayed by. The Widow, also known as a Daughter of Death & Shadow Lord of the Dying, is a character on Netflix’s Cursed. She is typically portrayed as a woman dressed in black with a black veil covering her face.