Quick Answer: Is Lalamove Available During Lockdown?

How many kilos is a Lalamove motorcycle?

20 kgMotorcycleMotorcycleWeight Limit:20 kgSize Limit (L×W×H):1.6 × 1.25 × 1.6 ftPrice:Base fare ₱50 + ₱7/km3 more rows.

Can you ride with Lalamove?

Breathing or Living Things. As a delivery app, we dedicate ourselves to making it easy to deliver items – which excludes living things. So the answer to the question “can a person ride a Lalamove vehicle” is a no. Lalamove cannot delivery pets as well, as they are living things.

How much can I earn in Lalamove?

Elvin takes home an average of P7,000 a week, working six days as a full-time Lalamove driver.

Can Lalamove car take bike orders?

We accept motorcycles, cars, vans and lorries.

Does Mr speedy delivery outside Metro Manila?

You can book a delivery anytime, anywhere. What area does MrSpeedy cover? MrSpeedy delivers within Metro Manila.

Which is better Lalamove or Transportify?

Lalamove offers similar features like Lalafood, but they are more focused on deliveries than Grab. Transportify on the other hand, focuses heavily on logistics services. And this logistics service provider is the only one that offers same day delivery through their fleet from small cars to wing vans. 2.

Who pays the delivery fee in Lalamove?

Of the total fees and charges to be deducted from the User Wallet as a result of a completed delivery of a Shipment, eighty percent (80%) shall be paid to the Participating Driver, while twenty percent (20%) shall be received by Lalamove on its own behalf.

How safe is Lalamove?

Good thing Lalamove is here! Here are the reasons why we have one of the safest delivery and courier service in Metro Manila! … Having our items both picked up and sent to our doorsteps lets us go about our lives seamlessly and also makes sure that the whole process of delivering is hassle-free.

Is cod available in Lalamove?

Lalamove’s COD service is available for our regular customers and business clients because we believe that the best cash on delivery service in the Philippines has to be accessible to everyone. With this, anyone can enjoy convenient payment collection.

Does Lalamove deliver outside Metro Manila?

Lalamove delivers to most areas in Metro Manila and its outskirts.

Can the receiver pay for Lalamove?

Self payment: You can choose to either pay by cash or through your e-wallet in Lalamove app. ii. Paid by your recipient: You may inform the driver to collect delivery fees from the recipient in the notes before confirming your order.

How much is the shipping fee in Lalamove?

Speedy charges PHP 60 base fare plus PHP 5 per km, while Lalamove charges PHP 50 base fare plus PHP 7 per km.

Which is cheaper Lalamove or grab?

I find near deliveries to be cheaper on Grab, and deliveries to remote locations are cheaper on Lalamove (YMMV). … Since you can’t ship heavy and bulky packages with Grab, then you’d need to use Lalamove’s MPV or Light Trucks. And that sums it up.