Quick Answer: How Old Is Poke The YouTuber?

How old is Dylan hyper?

21 years oldDylan HyperDate of BirthMay 13, 1999Age21 years oldBirthplaceLos Angeles, California, USZodiacTaurasNationalityAmerican5 more rows.

How old is Cari Hyper 2020?

Cari Leigh (born: October 18, 1999 (1999-10-18) [age 21]), better known online as Cari – Roblox (or simply Cari), is an American YouTuber who primarily uploads roleplay videos of the Roblox game known as Welcome to Bloxburg, often with her boyfriend Dylan Win, known on YouTube as Hyper.

Is poke healthy?

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Is poke Japanese or Hawaiian?

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How much money does poke have?

Poke Net Worth – $2.4 Million Poke is a gaming YouTube channel run by a 19 year old guy from the United States whose real name is Zack. He has an estimated net worth of $2.4 million. His content is mainly composed of Roblox videos, vlogs and other random entertaining content.

Is pokediger1 online on Roblox?

Pokediger1 has been a member of a group of gamers called “The Crew And Friends” along with other gamers. A few times he has been banned from the online gaming community for using unauthorized ROBLOX versions, but lately, there have been no problems like that anymore.

Is pokediger1 single?

The 21-year-old is currently dating fellow social media star as well as his longtime girlfriend Nicole Richmond. The two have been dating for a really long time as the pictures of them together can be traced back as far back as early 2018.

Who is pokediger1’s girlfriend?

LaniHis girlfriend’s name is Lani.

Is poke kid friendly?

ItsFunneh is a Canadian YouTuber who plays Roblox with her siblings, they’re known as her “Krew.” Each sibling also has their own YouTube channel. She’s kid-friendly and an overall happy character. She plays a variety of games on Roblox with the anime version of herself.

Is poke still with Nicole?

Poke’s GIRLFRIEND AND RELATIONSHIP Tempted and spoiled by money, most gamers with success like him would be around hot models and their relationship is just limited for YouTube contents and they split. However, Zach doesn’t do that as he has been in a long term relationship with a girl named Nicole Richmond.

Is Poke playing Roblox right now?

On January 17, 2018, due to his free Robux giveaways, he was permanently banned from Roblox. He was later unbanned. He is now on good terms with Roblox.

What is Hypers real name?

DylanHyper’s real name is Dylan. He lives in Texas….HyperNameDylanNickname(s)HyperCraftAliasHyperdarknessGeneral12 more rows

How old is poke the YouTuber 2020?

Zachary Neil “Zack” Tarnopol (born: April 13, 1998 (1998-04-13) [age 22]), better known online as Poke (also known as Pokediger1), is an American gaming YouTuber who makes Roblox gameplay videos, vlogs, and challenges.

Where do YouTuber pokes live?

Pokediger1 was born on April 13, 1998 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The gamer has revealed that his real first name is Zack. He has a brother. The information regarding his family background, parents, education, and dating life is not known.

Who is Dylan hyper girlfriend?

Cari LeighHis first name is Dylan. He is of Chinese and Vietnamese descent. He has been dating Cari Leigh.

Is poke still alive?

Share All sharing options for: Facebook Poke is dead We may never know, but today, Facebook finally put an end to Poke. If you check the App Store for Facebook’s famed Snapchat clone, you won’t find it. Facebook also took the opportunity, seemingly, to remove Camera, its photo uploading app.

Did Facebook remove the poke?

Yes, it turns out. Facebook Pokes still exist, although they’re no longer right on top of the page. Instead, the Poke has been put behind a menu, so you have to click/ tap a few times (on both mobile and desktop) before you can Poke.

How old is hyper?

Hyper was born on 13 May 1999. Hyper is 21 years old.