Quick Answer: How Many Levels Are On Criminal Case?

What are the lucky cards in criminal case?

Lucky Cards are special collectibles that grant rewards upon collecting a Royal Flush.

A Royal Flush is a term when you have 5 cards in deck up from Ten to Ace in the same deck..

How do you reset the game criminal case?

How do you reset the game criminal case?Restart the game.Clear your browser cache.Disabled your browser’s ad-block extension or add-ons.Restart your PC/Device.Restart your router.Unplug your router then plug it in again.Update your browser and note that Criminal case game works best with the latest version of Google Chrome.

How do you get more energy in criminal case?

Obtaining energyAutomatic refill: The player can wait until their energy bar is partially or completely refilled.Level up refill: When the player levels up, their energy bar will automatically be filled up to 110. … Daily bonus: The player can receive energy by spinning the Daily Bonus wheel.More items…

How many cases are there in criminal case game?

There are 56 cases in Grimsborough, 59 in Pacific Bay, 56 in the World Edition, 60 in Mysteries of the Past, 60 in The Conspiracy, 31 in Travel in Time, 30 in Supernatural Investigations, and 17 more cases in City of Romance, with fifteen of them currently being playable.

Is criminal case offline game?

Mobile: Can I play without an Internet connection? Yes, it is possible to play Criminal Case without an Internet connection. However, once you start a new Case, you will need to download the new content via a stable Internet connection.

Is Grimsborough real?

Setting. During the first season of the game, the player investigates murders in the fictional city of Grimsborough, which is heavily based on New York City. … In the second season, the player is moved to Pacific Bay, a fictional city based primarily on Los Angeles, California.

Is criminal case free?

PLEASE NOTE – Criminal Case is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.

What are the levels in criminal case?

RanksLevel 1 – Officer.Level 5 – Deputy.Level 12 – Detective.Level 20 – Corporal.Level 32 – Sergeant.Level 45 – Lieutenant.Level 60 – Captain.Level 75 – Major.More items…

How do you unlock the next level in criminal case?

If you’re playing on mobile, you must first connect to Facebook to access this feature. You can wait 3 days for the next Case to unlock automatically. You can pay a nominal price to unlock the next Case instantly. If you’re playing on Facebook, you can unlock the next Case with “Cash” (which is a purchasable item).

What are XP points in criminal case?

Trading-in a full set of Lucky Cards (Diamonds only; each full set is worth 20 points). Receiving a certain amount of XP points as a reward in the Additional Investigation of a case (in certain cases of Grimsborough only).