Question: What Do You Do When You Don’T Agree With Your Performance Review?

What do you do when you don’t agree with your performance review?

What To Do When You Think Your Performance Review Is Wrong?Step #1: Set Emotions Aside & Be Objective.Step #2: Follow Up on the Review.Step #3: Get Advice From Others.Step #4: Don’t Rush to Action.Step #5: If Needed, Speak to HR.Step #6: Consider Your Future.Step #7: Plan For Your Next Review..

How do you respond to an unfair performance review?

Present Your Case or Plan Here’s what to do if you disagree with a bad performance review: Acknowledge any valid criticism and talk about your plan to improve. Then bring up things you feel are inaccurate, using clear examples that back this up.

What should you not say in a performance review?

“You said/you did…” It’s communication 101–when discussing a sensitive topic, never lead with “you” statements. In a performance review, this might include statements like “you said I was going to get a raise,” “you didn’t clearly outline expectations,” etc.

How do you handle a disappointing performance review?

Here are seven tips to get you back on track:Allow Yourself to Feel Bummed Out. … Aim for a Sense of Perspective. … Set Clear Goals. … Create a Development Plan. … Ask for Ongoing Feedback. … Rebuild Your Other Relationships. … Be Consistent.