Question: How Many Special Trains Are Running?

How many special trains are there in India?

IRCTC starts booking for 200 special trains: Full list of special trains by Indian RailwaysLIST OF 200 (100 PAIRS) MAIL/EXPRESS TRAINS TO BE RUN WEF 01/06/20401071/72Kamayani Express501093/94Mahanagri Express601139/40Express701301/02Udyan Express88 more rows•May 21, 2020.

Which all trains are running in lockdown?

Here’s a list of special trains:S.No. … 1) 02301 Howrah 1705 New Delhi 1000 Daily.2) 02302 New Delhi 1655 Howrah 0955 Daily.3) 02951 Mumbai Central 1730 New Delhi 0905 Daily.4) 02952 New Delhi 1655 Mumbai Central 0845 Daily.5) 02957 Ahmedabad 1820 New Delhi 0800 Daily.6) 02958 New Delhi 2025 Ahmedabad 1005 Daily.More items…•

Which train is running in Maharashtra?

While train number 01040 will leave Gondia from 13 October 2020 daily and arrive Kolhapur next day. It will halt at same stations as the regular train number 11039/11040 Maharashtra Express except for Jalamb, Sewagram, Jarandeshwar, Chandur, Puntamba, Targaon, Masur, Takari, Bhavani Nagar, and Valivade.

Which special trains are running?

IRCTC Covid 19 Special TrainsDarbhanga Jn Pune Jn Special#01034. … Jabalpur Shmata Vd Katra Special#01449. … Shmata Vd Katra Jabalpur Special#01450. … New Delhi Sht Special#02001. … Habibganj Shtabdi Special#02002. … Howrah Jn Ranchi Special#02019. … Ranchi Howrah Jn Special#02020. … Mgr Chennai Ctl Ksr Bengaluru Shtabdi#02027.More items…

How many special trains are there?

IRCTC reservation: Complete list of 310 special trains, timings, stoppages.

Which 200 trains will run?

Here’s the full list of 200 (100 pairs) trains:01016/15: Gorakhpur to Lokmanyatilak (T) – Kushinagar Express.01019/20: Mumbai CST to Bhubaneswar – Konarka Express.01061/62: Lokmanyatilak (T) to Darbhanga – Darbhanga Express.01071/72: Lokmanyatilak (T) to Varanasi – Kamayani Express.More items…•

How many trains are running in India now?

IR runs 13,523 passenger trains daily, on both long-distance and suburban routes, covering 7,321 stations across India.

Is train running after lockdown?

The Railways had suspended all passenger trains services due to the imposition of a nationwide lockdown from March 25. However, it resumed services in a staggered manner with Shramik Special trains to help stranded migrant workers reach their home states from May 1.

Is trains are running in India?

“Running of trains, norms of travel and reservations are constantly evolving under Covid times. Further changes, as and when they happen, would be informed to all concerned accordingly,” the ministry said. … Railways had suspended all passenger train services since the beginning of lockdown on 24 March.

How many trains are there in India in 2020?

Indian Railways is among the world’s largest rail network, and its route length network is spread over 1,23,236 kms, with 13,523 passenger trains and 9,146 freight trains, plying 23 million travellers and 3 million tonnes (MT) of freight daily from 7,349 stations.

Which trains are running in Gujarat?

Ahmedabad Junction Train Station Ahmedabad (Gujarat)Train name (no.)ArrivesDepartsSecunderabad Special (09221)09:4010:00Sc Pbr Special (09222)14:4515:10Bgkt Bct Special (09054)02:5503:15Sln Aii Express (19604)23:5500:0041 more rows

When more trains will start?

The Lucknow-New Delhi and Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express trains were suspended from 19 March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Both the trains are expected to restart operations from 17 October.