Question: How Long Does It Take For Medium To Process A Story?

What does it mean when medium is processing a story?

This message simply means that the post is in the queue to get looked over by Medium curators.

If they like it and select it for curation, then your post will get promoted more on the platform.

In short, you’ll get more views and money.

I go over what that means in this post on how to get curated on Medium..

What is medium curation?

For those of you who might not know, getting a story curated means that it’s been picked up by Medium curators to be distributed to a wider audience under a tag (or several). Curation means that your story will pop up on thousands of people’s feeds, regardless if they follow you or not.

What does it mean when medium curators select your story?

Medium explained it like this: “Curators have selected your story to share with readers in the Medium app, homepage, email digest, and more.” They were curated right away, and the views (and claps) followed.

Who are medium curators?

Who are Medium’s Curators and What do They do? Medium’s editorial curation team is tasked with reviewing thousands of stories every day. They have 30–50 curators with a diverse set of interests and experiences.

What does chosen for further distribution mean on medium?

Look in the stats of your story. If you see “Chosen for future distribution,” then you know your story is curated, and you can still see which topics.

Is it hard to get curated on medium?

It’s unlikely it will get curated because you improved it (although you can always try sending a quick email to politely asking them to take a second look at it) but it will likely get more engagement from the traffic you manage to send to it, and it’s more likely to attract links from other …

How do you become curated on medium?

Curation on Medium means that your story has been distributed through one or more topics on the platform. Medium may include your story in a daily digest email, or simply prompt your story to come up more frequently in the app and website to readers interested in those topics.

How do you get paid on medium?

Medium makes money through memberships at a tag of $5/month. When members read a story and clap for it, a portion of their membership dollars goes to the writer of the story. This ratio of claps to dollars is unknown; the algorithm is kept secret by Medium, so that nobody can “game the system.”

What are medium publications?

Medium is an American online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams and launched in August 2012. … The platform is an example of social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium, and is regularly regarded as a blog host.

How does medium work for writers?

How it works—Medium for writers. Anyone (or any brand) can sign up for a free Medium account and start writing. Writers can publish individual, stand-alone posts or contribute to publications of curated stories or curate a publication themselves. Posts – Anything goes with the posts on Medium.

How does medium Work 2019?

UPDATE: Recently, Medium changed its policy. Now, writers can earn money based on the amount of member reading time. Medium rewards authors by how many claps they get. … With your $5 subscription, you get to read as much as you want and clap up to 50 times per article.