Question: How Can I Get Someone’S Phone Number?

How can I find someone’s home phone number?

You can search online phone directories through many free websites such as Whitepages and Zabasearch.

Visit these sites and type the name of the person or business you want to use to search for a home phone number or business number.

You may be asked to provide the city and state in order to narrow your search..

What is the best way to find someone’s cell phone number?

A reverse phone number lookup with Google or another web search engine is another useful way to track cell numbers. This is the best way to search the web as a whole to see which cell phone directories have that number listed. You can also use Google to find phone numbers if all you have is a name or other information.

How can I keep my cell phone number without a plan?

In a nutshell, you’ll head to and accept the terms. From there, you should see a prompt that reads “I want to use my mobile number.” If not, you’ll navigate to Settings > Phones > “Change/Port.” From there, type in the number you want to port, then verify that number.

How can I find mobile number by name?

Using social platforms’ search bar, you can easily find mobile number by name of person. Just type your prospect’s name in the search bar of any social platform and hit enter. You will be taken to his/her profile page where you will find the phone number.

How do I get a free phone number on my iPhone?

TextNow. Available for iPhone and Android devices, TextNow is an 11-year-old app that gives you a secondary number for incoming and outgoing calls and text messages. It works on Mac and Windows computers and tablets, too. All calls and texts to and from the U.S. and Canada are free.

How can I get someone’s phone number for free?

AnyWho is a free phone number lookup service. … Lead411 is a B2B platform that lets you find the correct contact details of your professional leads. … Whitepages is the digital equivalent of looking someone up in the phonebook. … ZabaSearch is another free database of people’s public contact information.More items…•

How can I get someone’s cell phone number?

Locate Using Android Apps The Find People Search app allows you to find an individual’s phone number along with a full address. PeekYou and Radaris People Search are two more free apps to consider as these also allow you to find phone numbers for individuals on your Android device.

How do I find a telephone number from an address?

Yes, a street address, city and state or ZIP code are some details required for finding a particular phone number.1) Quick Google Search to look up phone numbers.2) Global People Search.3) Through ZIP Code search.4)

Can you get a phone number without a phone?

With Google Voice, you get a free phone number for calls, text messages, and voicemail. You can use the apps on smartphones and computers, and you can link your number to any mobile or landline number.

Is there a directory for cell phone numbers?

Cell phone numbers are private—there’s no public directory of cell phone numbers to replace those old paper phone books.

How can I find someones location?

Step 1: Launch the Playstore in any Android phone and install the app called ‘Find My Device’. Step 2: Launch the app and enter the Google credentials of the phone that you wish to track. You will see the devices associated with that Google account. You can click on the device that you wish to track.

Can you own a phone number?

No you don’t own a phone number. Your provider owns it. You have your phone number as long as you pay for it, when you stop paying for it, it’s taken from you and marked as Not in use or Un-used.