Question: Do Meetings Count As Working Hours?

What is considered hours worked?

Hours worked includes time that the employee is “suffered or permitted” to work, even if that work falls outside the normal scheduled hours..

Does training count as hours worked?

Time in training is considered hours worked unless it is outside regular work hours, is voluntary, no productive work is performed during the training, and the training is not directed toward making the employee more proficient in the individual’s present job.

Is a meeting considered work?

According to regulations, an employee’s time attending a meeting, seminar, lecture, or training must be counted as hours worked unless it meets each of four requirements: … the employee does not perform productive work while attending the meeting, seminar, lecture, or training.

Do lunch meetings count as working hours?

Mandatory attendance at a staff meeting certainly falls within the definition of hours worked, so an employer must pay employees for time spent at the staff meeting – if attendance is required – whether the employer provides lunch or not.

Can I work 7 days straight?

Every employee is entitled to one day of rest in 7. So, an employer cannot require you to work more than six days out of seven.

Do holiday hours count as hours worked?

Employers do not have to count paid holidays, paid time off (PTO), vacation, personal and sick leave hours taken by an employee toward the calculation of the overtime requirement, because these hours are not actually “worked” and are therefore not considered as hours counted toward overtime under the FLSA.