How Long Do Clear Care Cases Last?

How many days will a 3 oz bottle of Clear Care last?

7-10 daysThis 3oz bottle lasts 7-10 days when you travel depending on how much you use.

Great product for sensitive eyes.

Be sure to follow the instruction, if you cut the cleaning time down, your eyes will pay the price..

Can Clear Care damage your eyes?

Clear Care contains 3% hydrogen peroxide, which can cause pain and burning if it comes into contact with the eyes. Clear Care is packaged with a special lens cleaning case. When the product is used with the special case, the hydrogen peroxide is neutralized to a solution that is safe for the eyes.

Can you rinse off Clear Care?

Can I rinse my lenses with Clear Care or Clear Care Plus Solution before wearing them? NO. Clear Care and Clear Care Plus Solution should never be used to rinse lenses before you put them on your eyes. Otherwise, you’ll experience extremely unpleasant burning and stinging.

How often should I change my Clear Care Case?

You can store lenses in an unopened CLEAR CARE ® or CLEAR CARE ® PLUS Solution lens case for up to 7 days. After 7 days, prior to wear, discard old solution and disinfect the lenses again.

Can I use clear care without the case?

The product must only be used to soak contact lenses within a special lens case that deactivates the hydrogen peroxide prior to placing the lenses back in the eyes. Unfortunately, the product has repeatedly been used by mistake without the special lens case, causing severe pain and, all too often, an eye injury.

Why does my Clear Care bubbles over?

That bubbling is caused by the chemical reaction taking place in your case. In case (no pun intended) you didn’t notice, the case has a small vent hole in the lid. That allows the gas to escape during the disinfection cycle.

Why does Clear Care burn my eyes?

The problem was discovered when the woman called her ophthalmologist, who pointed out that Clear Care is 3% hydrogen peroxide, which can cause severe burning if used directly in the eyes or as a soaking agent in typical contact lens cases. …

How long does Clear Care neutralizing disc last?

In addition, the user is motivated to replace the CLEAR CARE® case and disc regularly, as the ability of the disc to neutralize the H2O2 diminishes over time and bubbling diminishes. The CLEAR CARE® disc has been shown effective for up to 100 uses, long after the solution bottle would be depleted.

Can you put contacts in hydrogen peroxide?

The Required Disinfecting Process “You should never put hydrogen peroxide directly into your eyes or on your contact lenses,” Lepri says. That’s because this kind of solution can cause stinging, burning, and damage—specifically to your cornea (the clear surface that covers your eye).

What happens if you put contact solution in your eye?

If you use contact lens solution as a rewetting drop, you’re actually harming your tear film, which in turn will dry out and irritate your eye. Rewetting drops, however, are the ideal drop to use while wearing contacts. … Proper contact lens care is key to maintaining your vision and eye health.

How long can you leave contacts in hydrogen peroxide?

6 hoursBe sure to leave your contacts in the solution for at least 6 hours to allow the neutralizing process to finish. The red tip on the solution bottle is a reminder that these products require special handling. NEVER rinse your lenses with hydrogen peroxide solutions or put hydrogen peroxide solutions in your eyes.