How Do I Get A Free Travel Companion Pass?

Can I use my free travel pass on a ferry?

Using your Paper – Free Travel Pass when using private ferry services: You must produce your Free Travel Pass to the ferry operator.

In some cases, you will get a ticket for your journey..

Do you get free train travel at 60?

Free travel on Transport for London (TfL) services for all Londoners when they reach 60 years old. The 60+ London Oyster photocard scheme entitles Londoners to free travel on all TfL services and some national rail services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from their sixtieth birthday.

Can I use free travel pass on expressway?

Your Free Travel Card entitles you to free travel on all Expressway Services, with ease! For any essential travel you need to make remember to use your Free Travel Card. Also, certain categories of the Free Travel Card allow you to bring a travel companion with you, free of charge.

Can I use my free travel pass in Northern Ireland?

Cross-Border Free Travel A Free Travel Card may be used to travel free of charge on cross-border journeys between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and vice versa.

How do I book a train ticket with a free travel pass?

Steps to be followed by the holder of a travel pass to reserve a train seat.Enter Irish Rail web site your journey.Click on go.Pick a time.In the ‘Your Ticket Details’ section click on drop down arrow beside the word ‘adult’.Now click on the word ‘select’. … Click on ‘Reserve Seat’.More items…

Can you book a seat on Irish Rail with free travel pass?

Free Travel Pass holders wishing to book a ticket should select the option “Free Travel Pass or Valid Ticket” to book on to a train. Once onboard customers are advised to sit in any available seat as seating is currently unallocated to ensure adherence with social distancing guidelines.

Can I use my freedom pass to Gatwick?

National Rail Free Standard Class travel is available for all freedom pass holders on local rail services after 9.30am. … Passes are not valid on Gatwick Express, Heathrow Express or any long distance inter-city train that does not stop at intermediate stations within the freedom pass area.

Do carers travel free on trains?

Carers/personal assistants do not travel free on trains. If you are entitled to a disabled railcard or one of these discounts, then a person travelling with you is entitled to the same discount.

A: Yes. Free Travel Passes MUST be in the possession of their owner to give to driver on boarding the coach. If you do not have your Free Travel Pass with you or you will be charged the applicable fare. We accept Free Travel Passes on all our routes.

How are seats allocated in train?

For example, a sleeper class in a train has coaches namely S1, S2… S10, and each coach comprises of 72 seats. So, when a person first books a ticket, this software will automatically assign him/her a seat in the middle coach, S5, with a seat number between 30-40 and mostly for a lower berth.

Does my travel pass work on trains?

No. The scheme gives you approx 1/3 off your bus travel only. The card cannot be used on trains.

Can I use my free travel pass to Belfast?

Cross-Border Free Travel A Free Travel Card may be used to travel free of charge on cross-border journeys between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and vice versa. The card holder’s spouse/partner person may accompany him/her free of charge where the appropriate type of card is held.

Does Irish Ferries accept free travel pass?

Free travel is available on most Iarnród Éireann, Bus Éireann, Dublin Bus, DART and Luas Services and on certain private bus and ferry services. … There are no restrictions on the times you can use your Free Travel Card.

Can you stay in the car on a ferry?

Can you stay in car on ferry? If you are wondering can you stay in your vehicle on a ferry the answer in most cases is no. Once the vessel starts with crossing, you will not be allowed onto the car parking deck as most of the large car ferries for safety reasons, do not allow passengers to stay in their cars.

Can I use my Irish Free Travel Pass in England?

The only cross-border travel that the Irish free travel pass will be eligible for is cross-border travel between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Who is entitled to a free travel pass in Ireland?

Everyone aged 66 and over, legally living permanently in the State, is entitled to the Free Travel Scheme. Some people under 66 also qualify. You cannot use your existing free travel pass for free travel within Northern Ireland.

Can you use your free travel pass on the Luas?

While on Luas infrastructure or on Luas trams, all passengers must have a valid ticket or pass. Travel on Luas is free for those in possession of a Public Services Free Travel Pass or pensioners’ Public Services Free Travel Pass. There is no restriction put on when a passenger can travel with these passes.

Do Over 60s get discount on trains?

The Senior Railcard is a Railcard specifically for senior citizens. It gives people aged 60 and over 1/3 off train fares throughout Great Britain.

Do senior citizens get discount on trains?

You’re eligible for a Senior Railcard if you are 60 years old or over. You can buy one up to two weeks before your 60th birthday if you buy online, but it’ll only be valid from your birthday onwards. If you buy from a station, you’ll have to be 60 or over on the day you do it.

Can you reserve seats with JR Pass?

Your Japan Rail Pass entitles you to free seat reservations on all trains that are valid with your rail pass. … Once the voucher is exchanged, you can make ticket reservations at any time you would like, as long as the date of your train travel falls within the date the rail pass can be used.

Do pensioners get free train travel?

You can also use the railcard to purchase Off Peak Day Travelcards for travel on the weekends and bank holidays, and after 9:30am on weekdays. However, if you live in a London Borough and you’re over 60, you can apply for the 60+ Oyster Photocard which gets you free travel on all TfL services.